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EFCO&HPA is the representative body of the camping and caravanning industry at the European level, including caravans, tents, motorhomes, chalets and all forms of self-catering accommodation in the park setting.  Membership is made up of the national trade associations of 23 European countries. 

EFCO&HPA operates two websites.  This website caters for tourism professionals wishing to find out more about EFCO&HPA.  For those planning their holiday in Europe further information on European Parks, the EFCO&HPA Camping Card scheme or employment on a park should use the link below the EFCO&HPA logo to go to www.campingeurope.com

EFCO&HPA's first and main objective is to promote and defend the interests of the industry through representation to the European Authorities (Council, Commission, and Parliament). Our aim is to ensure that the interests of the sector are understood and taken into account in the important European decision making process, enabling the continuing viable operation of the industry.

In conjunction with this important work, EFCO&HPA ensures the exchange of expertise within the profession, facilitating operations in the Single Market.

EFCO&HPA public documents are available through the Documents tab above and contact details for EFCO&HPA national associations are available through the Contact List tab.


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News update from EFCO&HPA – your Federation working for you at the European level.
Owners and managers of campsites and holiday parks may perhaps wonder what EFCO&HPA is all about and what it does do for them.
First of all, campsite and park owners and managers who are members in their national trade association (like FNHPA in France, Recron in the Netherlands, BH&HPA in the UK) are automatically represented within EFCO&HPA through their national membership. This means your national subscription to e.g. FNHPA, Recron or BH&HPA etc, ensures your business interests are represented at the European level, so that the concerns of our industry are communicated and are taken into account. This is work that no national association could achieve alone; it is necessary to work together at European level to have a voice with the EU institutions. We are all stronger by working together.
EFCO&HPA brings together the national trade associations of the camping and caravanning parks sector in 23 European countries, including 19 EU member states and four non-EU countries. All are associations of holiday-park operators and together we represent an industry of over 20,000 holiday parks across Europe; we estimate that the sector represented by EFCO&HPA receives some 23% of all holiday visits in the EU on average each year.
EFCO&HPA works to defend and lobby in many areas for you as a park-owner whenever our industry is involved. This work is mainly behind-the-scenes which may be the reason why EFCO&HPA is not so well known at the industry’s grass-roots.